I agree with Mr. Brandt sentiment. But I feel that the rich...

Rudy Etienne - September 9 2010, 9:45 PM

I agree with Mr. Brandt sentiment.

But I feel that the rich families in Haiti are as much to blame for the unity issues amongst the Haitian community at home and abroad.

What exactly has Mr. Brandt done to bring unity in the country?

He can and should do as Mr. Gates suggested to his rich colleagues in the US, share a percentage of your wealth for a good cause.

The Haitian richest families can do the same, use a "small" part of their wealth and invest in Haiti.

Mr. Brandt should ask his rich colleagues in Haiti to use a small percentage of their wealth to help rebuilt the county, we need better infrastructure, better education, jobs with a respectable minimum wage, transportation, and adequate housing for the poor; I can go on. Just imagine if the Haitian richest families unite to promote Haiti, how much they would benefit from a country who, once again, is thriving and attracting businesses and investments.

Good education, jobs, will be the first step to unite the country.

I am sure Mr. Brandt can take the lead to promote unity for Haiti.

Also, we the Diaspora have been investing in our country all along by sending money and making sure that our love ones in Haiti have the means to meet their basic needs.

We should have the right to vote and some say so in how the Haitian government does with the money that we are investing in the country.

We need the government to resolve the dual citizenship issue.

President Preval traveled abroad on many occasions to ask us, the Diaspora, to help but did nothing to give us the right to be active participants, on the table, to help in the planning for Haiti's future.

Very disappointing but we were united once and I am sure that we can be united again.

The Haitian government as well as the rich families who control Haiti's wealth will need to set the example through their actions.

I am a proud Haitian-American and I would love to go back home when I am ready for retirement.

It pains me when my 83 year old mother tells me every time we talk, that she misses Haiti but she already knows that she will never see her birth home again.

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I agree with you my brother. Action speaks louder...

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