Just like a dove does not a summer make, an opposition...

Ti Bonite - September 8 2010, 8:20 AM

Just like a dove does not a summer make, an opposition specially after the facts surely does not a leader make. If you assist at a Wyclef concert and expect to hear either Mozart or Bethoven, then the joke is on you. While it is wise to be inclusive and open, a meeting between the likes of Mr Preval and Mrs Manigat involving Mr Baker borders on absurdity.I'm sure Mr Baker does have skills and qualities he can bring to this political arena in his bid for the presidency.Let us focus and state those proven values that he may harbor to contribute to piecing our Haiti together>


vote charles henry backer

I ve said before, if haitians wants to see a change, we have to give baker a chance, he has vision for the country. 3...

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