This is exactly what I have expected of Wyclef. Some people...

Marcy Paul - September 6 2010, 8:17 PM

This is exactly what I have expected of Wyclef.

Some people did not and still refused to see Wyclef for who he is. O.K., Wyclef let it known from the beginning of his career that he is Haitian.

A lot of us did the same thing, but that does not mean we are all presidential material.

Wyclef used his instrument and the media to show his displeasure about Pras and Sean Penn in a very infantile way. His music left a lot to be desired.

Wyclef is not diversified in his music.

His music is monotonous and always the same; for an artist it is almost like the kiss of death.

No wonder he tried self promotion and advertisement through Haitian presidential election.

Not bad, Wyclef -- Now try music school if you want to STAY in this industry.

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