CHARLES HENRY BAKER Is the best candidate to lead haiti he...

Lautre Niveau - September 4 2010, 11:07 AM

CHARLES HENRY BAKER Is the best candidate to lead haiti he will bring change to haiti believe it or not baker is a man with a dream and a viision he know what best for haiti and he see what haiti need let give baker a chance to change haiti for the better wycclef could have been the best but for now the country need change if wyclef jean still want to be president he probably can wait for the next five when the constition is amend but for now we need baker baker is a true haitian he know what best for haitii he capable smart and generous Baker is the man for the job B+ker should the next person to replace preval administration trust me he will not sale the country he will look for haiti and haitiann he will not look for his poket for now let elect baker for president for 2011 we need on board if haitian think right baker is the next person for job no one else vote for charles henry baker for the next haiti i does not say could not have been good but now haiti need someone with experienced that could lea


vote charles henry backer

I ve said before, if haitians wants to see a change, we have to give baker a chance, he has vision for the country. 3...

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