Hi Woodring; It's a very Good Job you do in the net.I...

Fortune Wencyl - September 3 2010, 1:43 PM

Hi Woodring;
It's a very Good Job you do in the net.I congratulate you. we need those kinds of things to make us remember our pass and built our future.

Sometimes we foget too easily.

Like they said we have a " memoire poule", we don't have mind, we're without skills to study a situation what was bad and for taking another descision for the future.

I know and I try to believe that, a day, yes,a day, all haitians can say like Martin Luther King " we have a dream":

-A dream to take our destiny in our hand;

-A dream, not to leave others tell us what to do, but what we judge is good for us;

- A dream, not to go to vote for money;

- A dream, where each Haitian will Know he/her has a right to decide for him/herself;
A day, yes,a day.I don't know it's today or tomorrow but a day.

God bless you Woodring and good luck.

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