Is Wyclef's Candidacy a 'Distraction' For Haiti?

THe Haitian general election has been getting a lot of media attention mainly because of the candidacy of Hip Hop star Wyclef Jean. Now his candidacy is being called a distraction...

Ezili Danto (Marguerite Laurent), the founder of the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, wrote an op ed on the Denver Post calling Wyclef's candidacy "a distraction for Haiti"

By definition, distraction means:

"Something that serves as a diversion or entertainment, an interruption, an obstacle to concentration..."


Do you share her opinion that Wyclef's candidacy is a distraction?

Reply with your comments.

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Fortune Wencyl says...

Hi Woodring;
It's a very Good Job you do in the net.I congratulate you. we need those kinds of things to make us remember our pass and built our future.

Sometimes we foget too easily.

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Bertrand says...

me imagino que ahora es tiempo de pensar y buscar una salida para haiti, no es el momento de hablar sin sentido
Wyclef jean ha hecho lo corecto en posturarse como presidente porque haiti no hay persona competente y Wyclef pudiera ayudar el pais mejor que todo los presidentes corruptos que han pasado en el poder.

Ellos solo buscan sus intereses no el intres de la

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Saintlouis Gregory says...

non.mwen pa kwe sa Ezili Danto Marguerite Laurent di a se yon bon bagay non, paske si wyclef ta prezidan pou haiti sa tap yon bon bagay e haiti tap change


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David Grant says...

In which category does Mr. Wyclef Jean be qualified as a distraction in Haiti's political election.

Is he complicitly involved, or were he sent by some powerful organisation to declare his candidacy; knowing fully well that he is just a pawn and, fully aware that he will be excluded in the selection process.

Or, was he allowed to carry on his elaborate campaign, to distract the voters from discerning the true diabolical intent of the power brokers ; and that Mr Wyclef Jean and the Fanmi lavalas will not be part of the election;thus, effectively stiffle the voice of the majority poor, rob them of their franchise and, ensure a seeming victory for the elite.

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Miggy says...

You said it way better than me. We must not keep quiet.

We need to keep the momentum going.

This momentum is the bridge of our future generations

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Danielson says...

i believe that, preval and KEP or CEP try to make haiti their own private property.

nop thats not gonna work for us and preval dont get enough he wants to get more while pitit

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Rudy Etienne says...

I was not for or against Wyclef Jean when he announced that he wanted to be president of Haiti.

I feel that a decision was made, (right or wrong) we should move on. Now it is time to concentrate our efforts in building real homes for the people who lost everything and still living in tents.

I have great respect for everything that Wyclef has done and continue to do for the youths of Haiti.

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Marie Saint Preux says...

I feel that as much as they complain that they are ready for change and able to do it by using their old's just another excuse for them to use their ignorance or lack of common sense to open up and be part of the change...Haiti Government- I CHALLENGE YOU TO REREAD YOUR HISTORY AND ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND IT. SO THAT YOUR SUFFERING COUNTRY CAN PROGRESS INSTEAD OF REGRESS! ENOUGH IS

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Miggy says...

I hope that they get distracted all the way to the finish line. This will be a great reminder that they have made a huge mistake by denying Wyclef of his deserve opportunity and also by not letting the people of Haiti to make that

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Miggy says...

Wyclef candidacy excites the world, because he is the right man to lead the country at this time. Just like Obama.


The world was so excited for his candidacy

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