Thanks, but i did not write my comments for no reason, i wrote...

Kelly Villate - September 3 2010, 6:21 AM

Thanks, but i did not write my comments for no reason, i wrote according to some writers on this site who r blamning the mulattoes, they talked bad about them.Ever since 2006 elections when some of them mulattoes decided to run for office, they have been critizise harshly that i beleive is unfair cz they re not the one who has the judicial power and that's what am trying to make some of the writers understand, one nation.

Most of the blks haitians needs to stop trashing out the mulattoes, we need to work together instead for a better nation and haiti would never be an indepedent nation if they were not involved.

and the first who stood up against the french and against slavery was a mulatto VINCENT OGE and others.


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