I assume so that he can assess If the canidate Is easily...

Mark - September 2 2010, 6:32 AM

I assume so that he can assess If the canidate Is easily manipulated.

So that he can manipulate and control who will
Win the presidency.

So that he can still control the presidency without being president.What we need Is a replica of Francois Papa Doc Duvalier and his tonton macoute 2 get rid of this criminal mischief going on In Haiti nowdays.

Haitian on haitian crime
Is nonsense.

It would be so wonderful If haiti someday soon can reclaim Its name the (Black pearl of the carribbean)
When at one time Haiti was doing very well In the tourist business.but first better prisons must be built so that the crminal element can be put away so that It cannot affect the tourist business negatively and the crimes of rape, murder,kidnapping, gangs,and robbery can cease.

where there will be know more haitian on haitian crime.

where a capable qualified and professional police force can be created.

where the police are paid a decent salary so that corruption on the police force will be non existent.

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