Thank you for everything that you said. To all of you: I...

Judith Jolicoeur - August 30 2010, 11:00 PM

Thank you for everything that you said. To all of you: I always look forward to getting a email from this site just so I can know what is going on in Haiti.

This email is one that I wish that I had never have got. Its so sad how people forget and take every good that one have done and make it so bad because he voice his opinion about something that is close to his heart.

Sean Penn love Haiti just like Wyclef he don't have to be walking around with a Haitian flag or be from Haiti to say how he feel about something that is so importent to all of us. Maybe after we get it right this time and don't need Sean Penn so call "a bag of rice" like you said. Then we can tell people that they should not be giving their opinions.

We really need to stop taking the little things to heart.

Why don't you come up with questions like; what we all need to be doing right now?

Cause their are so many people in Haiti that are still in need. What is going on with the donations that people have been sending?

Why don't you write about that?

Response to:

This is absolutely absurd, There we have this guy...

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