This is absolutely absurd, There we have this guy, Sean Penn...

Marcy Paul - August 30 2010, 10:03 PM

This is absolutely absurd, There we have this guy, Sean Penn, who is helping us dealing with some very basic human needs like shelter and food. A guy who does not need any social recognition and money because he already has them. A guy who just did not send money and disassociated himself with the Haitian people.

A guy who gives himself to the Haitian people.

A guy who did more than the Haitian President, Mr. Preval did. A guy who has done more than Wyclef Jean did for his people.

A guy who did more than ALL the Haitian celebrities put together in Haiti since the Quake, eight months (8) ago;
This same guy can't voice his opinion about a presidential candidate?

This is beyond absurdity!
Sean Penn is not asking to participate in the up-coming election as a Haitian.

He is merely voicing his opinion as a person NOT AS A CITIZEN.

In any country, any one legal or not can verbalize a personal preference.

Anyone has that privilege.Let alone Sean Penn who has done so much for Haiti.

We don't have to accept his opinion.

This is our choice as a civilized nation.

No, Haiti is NOT selling her soul for a bag of rice. Mr. Penn has done a lot more than giving a bag of rice to Haiti.

The least we could do is acknowledge a graceful thanks to Mr. Penn. Sean Penn's opinion is just that:His opinion.

Haiti has always been graceful and tactful, ALWAYS! lET US NOT DESTROY THAT GOOD QUALITY TOO.

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Is there a reason why he said that? I want to know...

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