Hip-Hop Musician to Appeal Haiti Electoral Rejection

Haiti Election News - August 27 2010, 6:23 PM

Not content on just being a hip-hop musician, Haiti-born Wyclef Jean wants to run for president.

But Haiti's electoral council has blocked Jean from running in the November presidential election.

Jean's attorney says he can still appeal the decision.

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Musician Wyclef Jean's attorney on Tuesday said the singer-songwriter has been wrongfully denied a position on Haiti's presidential ballot in November.

An appeal to the Supreme Court is still on the table

Haiti's provisional electoral council, the CEP, ruled on Friday night that the Jean did not meet the requirement for presidential candidates because he has not resided in Haiti for five consecutive years

Jean's attorney, Jean Renel Senatus, said they would appeal the decision arguing that the Haitian born hip-hop artist meets all the necessary residency requirements for a presidential bid.

"We've been a victim of a public act. An appeal at the supreme court is still open."

34;...Since this is in violation of article 23 of the American Convention related to the violation of human rights, we are going to go to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in the matter of urgency for a temporary measure."

Jean left Haiti with his family to live in New York at age 9 and launched his music career in the United States

He had presented evidence that his lawyers say, show a "constant presence" in Haiti, which is struggling to recover from January's devastating earthquake.

The council has approved 19 candidates and rejected 15.

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