Your black politcians what their have done for the country and...

Kelly Villate - August 21 2010, 7:49 AM

your black politcians what their have done for the country and it's pple, their are the blood sucker of the haitian population.

take a look at haiti who has free for over 200 and some years and take a look a t dominican republic.

the most of your black haitians don't invest not a dime in haiti instead your money are in the us and france and domican republic, the same in afrika the blacks leaders invest all their money in europe, living large while their pple and countries are in the ruins.

u haitian pple needs a change and give the mulatoes a chance, i guarantee u things will not b the same. haiti can not change over nite it requires a lot of hard work, unity and patriotisme.

i believe baker is the leader haiti need and needed to all u v ote for baker

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