Hi Marcy, you apparently do not know anything about Haiti...

Lopp - August 19 2010, 4:00 PM

Hi Marcy, you apparently do not know anything about Haiti.

Haiti is the only country in the world where corruption is legal.

Elected officials and government workers legalized corruption.

Every elected official in Haiti makes enough money within the first year in office not to ever work again for the rest of his (I say his because they are all male) life. How?

They sell jobs. To become a director of an organization like custom, or the tax office; you need to present to the prime minister and the president your plan that will pay them the highest on a weekly basis.

As a result, workers below top management may not even register in the system, because there is nothing left to pay them. I just returned from Haiti this past Sunday.

A friend of mine that works for the current administration told me of a number of people that he knows that work in the public sector that have not received a pay check for over three years.

That might be a surprise to you, but, it is normal in Haiti.

Those workers use the privilege that comes with their job to make money, and a lot of it.

I was born there.

I grew up in the system.

When someone is elected or gets in job in the public sector, before he even sets foot in office, he already knows how he will make his millions.

They usually consult with the previous holder of the job, of course for a fee, on how to generate the most.

I know a guy that decided to run for senate in Haiti, right after graduating from law school.

I know him very well, because his father is friend with my parents.

After six months in office, he came to South Florida, and bought a Range Rover for over $90,000.00, and sent it to Haiti.

The next day or so, he went to Europe with his girlfriend for a month.

His father used to be a construction worker in South Florida, he has returned to Haiti to live his dreams.

I saw him last week in Haiti.

He now has his own chauffeur, and two body guards.

Oh, by the way, his son is one of the current senators.

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