I believe Michel Martelly has good intentions. He has the best...

Robert M. St Fleur - August 15 2010, 9:21 PM

I believe Michel Martelly has good intentions.

He has the best slogan among all candidates (Nou trop rich pou nou pov).

He also has the best approach to rule the country such as a group in place to think and make things happen (kombit avek moun sa yo ki gen konesans).

I do not support him for his past, for his comportment on stage and his tendency.

I think he would be the most liberal President in history where people would do whatever they want under his presidency.

His wife should have run for President, it would be a total different image where Micky would be a strong supporter and let his wife be the politician.

She has received award from president Rene Preval for being helpful, supportive and compassionate during the earthquake disaster.

In the other hand, if Mickey shows improvement on stage, he can be president in five years from today.

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