I don't like to see these little doll and they don't know...

Big Papa Emile Joblo - August 12 2010, 11:15 AM

i don't like to see these little doll and they don't know absolutely nothing in country management.

it is better for them now to go back to school and learn how to live together in a country.

th ar very selfish, ignorant, malicious,devil, hateful.last year december, christmas and new year seasons no electricity, no water, port-au-prince had bad odor/smell cause cause of uncleaness.

preval can't manage even a political organization and they elect him as president of haiti.

i don't hate him but i would never choose him even for gate man.that's why i go with wyclef for president.even a dog that i never know before, i would prefer to elect a dog instead of those little criminals as yvon neptune, jacques edouard, inite,etc...

they are very imbecile, foolish, ignorant, selfish, evilous, jealous and very stupid.

they are dogs, anials and incompetent this regime

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