While on the surface it appears wrong to hold the scheduled...

Jacques Laine - March 5 2010, 1:42 PM

While on the surface it appears wrong to hold the scheduled presidential election at this critical time, the earthquake has truly helped the Haitians, front and center to assess the depth of their government's ineptitude.

Certainly, the generations of gross neglect that has saddled Haiti and its people by their government cannot be attributed to President Preval and his government alone, for according to some observers he was trying his best with the hand of cards he was dealt.

On the other hand, the complete lack of the very basics of preparedness to deal with the slightest of catastrophic events under his administration is nothing but embarrassing and cannot be overlooked.

The question of whether or not the presidential election should be held for me is an easy one; it better be held. Indeed, I'll be the first one to acknowledge long term effect of pained based trauma the earthquake has had on populace.

Yet, I also believe that the UN and the powerful players now on the ground in Haiti have the wherewithal: technologically and economically, if they want to make that the election a reality.

Surely the resilience of the Haitians has been shaken but it has not died. The election could be their one opportunity to express their disappointments, despondency, pain and anger.

Let the dice roll and may the chips fall where they may, but the Haitians will survive anything, following the 7.0 monster earthquake.


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Awesome response. I totally agree with you.

Regardless of the situation, life must go on. We have...

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