Woww if i keep my mouth shut that's mean am not 100% haitian...

Atchy - March 5 2010, 12:53 PM

woww if i keep my mouth shut that's mean am not 100% haitian and i know for sure that am 100% haitian from the top to the bottom.

Well, well, well elecetion right now in Haiti.

Oh my God who is encharge to decide for Haiti?

Anyway who ever in charge to decide to our land Haiti needs to do something or give up, because i can't believe that for a country like haiti that has so much intelligent people young girls and boys sacrifices their lives in the darkness to go to school and study and that time no one can comes out with a good idea. Tell me, yes i wanna go to vote, who can i vote for?

come on after this devastation more than 150.000 people died in 1 minut, our capital destroyed like a desert, peopple died like nothing crying out for help all day, all night until now they are styl suffering with many kinds of issues and you and I sit down talking about election.

Am very sick and tired with those ideas.

How many companies that we have in haiti now try to rebuilt road, communication, power, pure water ect....

anyway remember that haiti is not belong to your family, nan bon kreyol la li pa yon salon lakay ou, men yon peyi kote gen jenerasyon an jenerasyon kap pase ladan l ou met fe sa ou vle terre haiti ap toujou rete la kraze, brize, brote volo se pou yon ti tan au moin nou ta panse pou jenerasyon futur an kap vini an. Nap di byen fo NOU PA BEZWEN ELEKSYON KONNYA NOU BEZWEN TRAVAY AK RECONSTRUCTION DURAB POU YON BELLE GENERATION DEMAIN.

An sispann lave je nou ak dlo lakay moun an nou lave ak dlo rivye pa nou yo pou nou ka we pi kle. mesi


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