HAITI 2010 ELECTION IS ALREADY AT THE DOOR. I find that it is...

J.j. Ism - December 9 2009, 9:27 AM

hAITI 2010 ELECTION IS ALREADY AT THE DOOR. I find that it is way too late to ask such question.

Question like that should be asked decades before for the simple reason that such event must be prepared by educating the people.

What is the best way to do so other than in school.

By doing so we will give to the next generations the tool they need to differenciate the bad from the good, the sold out to foreign forces from the true lover of Haiti, those who want to fillup their pocket from those who are driven only by the survival of Haiti.

What happen to our " education civique" that we used to study in elementary?

We need to bring it back accordily to the new era..

But this a long term job.
For now, I think that it is very important that the entire nation put itself together to choose the most patriotic person to conduct us to our destiny of joy, good fortume, of respect for others; to chose somebody who will be capable of putting an end to our very infamous reputation of the poorest country in the continent.

The Haitian people has to wake up like Bouckman did with the slaves, our fathers and mothers, to regain our greatest and most unique fortume: our INDEPENDANCE.

Unless the next electio provide us with such leader, the election will vain.

By the way, I would like to thank the person who mommented my article of yesterday, and I'm taking the opportunity to tell him that I am a man who used to teach History back home and I am still a teacher in Canada.

By for now

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