The alledged recent diatrod between Ex-President J.B.Aristide...

Ti Bonite - December 9 2009, 12:23 PM

The alledged recent diatrod between Ex-President J.B.Aristide and current President R. Preval only serves to illustrate the quadmire we've found ourselves engulfed in since the "Revolution".If anything, what we have come to learn over the last 205 years is that what is good for Haitian Politicians and the Business owners transplanted from the world over the've moved in with is not necessarily good for Haiti.

Haitian Politicians and their Chummies have consistently been mostly amoral entities that continue to build their wealth on the backs of the nation's economically challenged.

It is as if for them helping the less fortunate was a form of a civil and corporate business disobedience.

It is astonishing to see how out of 66 governments the Republic of Haiti has seen over the last two centuries that only two have shown themselves to be in any significant way or manner inclusive or progressive to level the playing field.

We will hold our breaths again for these upcoming elections in the hope that this time our behavior will reveal necessary acts of conscience.

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