I don't know why everyone in America have this proception on...

Nunu - December 9 2009, 3:14 AM

I don't know why everyone in America have this proception on Haiti; that is negative, evil just plain from the belly of hell. What is shocking to me ; people that are not Haitian think it a lawless state.

That have no rules, or a government system in place; so anything go.They don't realize Haiti is a fresh place; meaning they don't like dumb people making decision there.

those brother and sister are very smart; down out clever.

Do they even realize that it has been about 50 Families that have rule Haiti from the beginning in until this very day. That kind of power that founder Haiti, will never dead or go away. It just come back in different form. Even DR is not free of those families, did they really think, because they said you are a nation.

or they were acting in the best interest of Haiti.

Think about it, they set those people free they brought spain back. which enslave DR, the only nation on planet earth that have ever been colonize two time. So the Haitian went over there in free those people a second time, was it freedom for them or for Haiti to stay a free nation, think about it for yourself, In made them a nation after 29 years.

was it really be a nation or told that with paper to make it look offical to distract them from going to get spain for a third time. or were the Haiti acting in the interest of Haiti.

A nation that Haiti had 44 years that already started to learn to speak creole.

were did the spainish come from spain, they had be gone for 44 years; think about cause they are thinking loud in clear.LOL What is a president the face of a nation.

He doesn't make decision, laws, or policies.

It's a small group of elite that make the dicision there.

It's all a distraction, if you ask me. Haiti is a Republic meaning, when it was founded it never had the mass in control of what goes on there.

Read the thre Nation that started to call themselves republic on planet Earth, they have something in common.

About 50 people which represent today the same blood line families til this very day. Run all three of these Republic.

Haiti is that it's one of the three; in they that Black people could have master the act of carrot in front of the horse.

which they did so beautifully; real power is not loud or make noise.

It's silent, gentle cause it hands are stain with blood of the innocents.

It is the poor that boast of great achievement, that not one of their blood had nothing to do with.but they are so distraction for them in means of news, television, news paper, internet, and sometime radio.

It's one big game, that never seem to stop.99.9% of the world are on a marry-go- around and don't realize it. what decision do they make, that's real of there making in this matixs.

people the poor hungery people of the world on there television in don't realize it is their polocies staring back at them throught the tube. silly rabbits tricks are for the underdevelop mind. 80% percent of American read on a fourth grade leve, so Why are the Haitian beating theirselves over semi-illiterate people.

it's all a mind game, only two position one you are what is being played in the matixs or the matix is using you to move it self to next level.The truth will set you free. the mintue you stop seeing the world your way, and start to see the world they it is.,It will amaze you; bank that. Just remember never to expect people to know what it that suppose to know; when they having been giving a chance to.
peace, for the enlight Haitian Girl.

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