Bishop Rhau....a new leader...not chosen by election. I...

Nou Bouke - December 8 2009, 6:07 AM

Bishop Rhau....a new leader...not chosen by election.

I believe that that is what is needed to kick jump the country towards progress.What many do not understand is that all elected officials of a country, any country represent the soul of the population.

The elected leaders of Haiti will always be a reflection of the people.

To change that, you have to change the people first, you have to help them change their mind so they can have a new vision for the country.

Then and only then will they be able to elect leaders that will lead them to prosperity.

To change their mind and give vision you have to give them jobs, a way to take care of themselves and their family.

You have to help them with sustainable, decent jobs that will permit them to send their kids to school with food in their stomach, have pride in paying taxes to run their country.

And when the majority of the population have buying power, understanding of their surroundings via education, and are paying the taxes to match the budget of the country, they will be able to say to the leaders, watch out how you use my money to run the country.

They will then be able to choose leaders that represent the new mind with a vision for the country.

Then and only then will you see capable elected officials.

If any good citizen should be a candidate now to lead the country with the right vision, he will never be understood and will never be elected.

To jump start Haiti quicker, you would need a non elected leader.

In this I agree with you. The point is the population is BOUKE to wait for that leader.

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