Good Morning everyone! Greetings to you Mr. St-Preux. I just...

Bishop Rhau - December 8 2009, 5:41 AM

Good Morning everyone!
Greetings to you Mr. St-Preux.

I just returned from Canada, and I will tell you, I have never seen so many "Saints" for Street names...

Do you know if other Haitians living outside of Haiti will be able to vote in the upcoming election.

I heard that they were working on that issue, I think It would be a great change for the country's political system.

The Diaspora is vital in bringing changes in the Haitian Culture, Haitian Economy, Haitian Social life.

Therefore, I pray that this time the people both in Haiti and the Diaspora would elect someone capable of ruling, leading, and transforming Haiti by bringing the nation up to world standard...

It's a shame, I left Haiti in April 1979. I returned in December 1996 almost 17 years, and I was shocked to see the conditions that human beings are living in. I tried to visit a friend at Pharmacie Valliere dans le centre de la Capitale (Pharmacy Valliere in the center of the Capital", For goodness's sake, there was so much trash and sewer water heaping and flowing everywhere, open sewer wells, I saw a young man taking a bath in one of the sewer hole. I first thought the man fell in by accident, but I realized that he was diving, laughing, swimming in while everyone went about their business...

I told my driver to turn around and go back to Delma where I was staying.That experience brought sadness in my heart, knowing that the Country had gone backward.

I went back in 1997, the same conditions were there, went back in 2002, in 2007.
The country needs cleaning, in the mind, in the soul, the spirit, and in the body.
This time let's do it right!!! Let's vote for Man or a party that will handle the nation's business
Let's vote for someone who fears God and cares about people
Let's vote for man who has the outside influence with other nations, so that we can become a nation that is respected and looked upon for leadership.

I have been saying this since year 2000: after a vision I had about Haiti, I say that the best days of Haiti are ahead, and closer than anyone can think.

A true leader chosen by God will surface in Haiti, but he will not be chosen by an Election...

I know what I saw in my vision...

I am waiting and acting to see that day come.
Your comments are welcome,
Bishop J. Gerard Rhau, CEO
Codec International Corporation
275 Reservoir Ave,
Providence, Rhode Island 02907
jrhau at
401-942-4370, 401-383-7693


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