Yvon Neptune Says President Aristide Was NEVER Kidnapped... Aristide Resigned!

Haiti presidential candidate Yvon Neptune landed a blow for ex-president Jean Bertrand Aristide saying that he RESIGNED in 2004, he was never kidnapped. Yvon Neptune says he has proof.

Yvon Neptune tells Radio Kiskeya...

"I had a copy of the letter of resignation from Mr. Aristide, it was genuine"

Yvon Neptune, the former prime minister of president Aristide, declared that former Lavalas President had indeed submitted his resignation before his exile on February 29, 2004.

But wait there's more...

Yvon Neptune also confirmed to Radio Kiskeya of the presence of "chimeres" in the ranks of the Police Nationale b'Haiti before the fall of Lavalas


Is this political suicide for Yvon Neptune to make such a declaration now that he is a Candidate for president?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Like i said, Aristide was not kidnapped.

I believe my info came from the inside doors not the outside doors.

Therefore shut you trap.
Ask him"Aristide"if he get a few slaps in the

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Gloria Lasso says...

Alexandre jacko repet stop commenting on issues that are way above you head and ability to understand their depth, detours and contours.

Go back to your cage, eat your bananas and keep

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Ken, stop that crap with that idiot Aristide.Okay!
I was told next time you will not see him if he continue to B U L L S H I T around like a monkey.

Take that

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Ken Morancy says...

Anyone who honestly believe that Aristide was not kidnaped, I have a bridge to sell you. He made a lot of mistakes but he was elected by the people.

The people got what they elected.

He was

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Poulain says...

wether he signed the letter or not does not affec the main argument which is that aristide was forced to resigned on february 2004.
his private security guard was prevented form coming the day before and the us told him go or you will be killed by the rebels because we won;t defend you.
aristide also asked the un to come before and help him and they said no. a day after thousands of marines

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Poulain says...




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Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine says...

CIA n'avait jamais demande le depart du Ex- president Jean Bertrand Aristide, non plus force son exil. UN type que j' apprecie beaucoup de son rentree dans la cariere de la politique, mais son ambition politique etait plus forte que l' amour du prochain; cependant, son depart, echec, etait inevitable pour avoir supporte et cree des bandes de bandits dans presque tous les coins du pays. Pour dire la verite, CIA ne pourra jamais renverser le pouvoir du peuple, il pourrait bien choquant pour assurer que satan se detacha de son copin ami, qui voulant garder la table de son nom personel.

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Rev. Dr. Rivel Dumaine says...

This is not political fall out for the Ex-priminister, contrary to the fact this is the essence of courageous man. I have never said anything about Mr. Yvon Neptune, but now, I believe that he is a man of Dignity and chatacter for telling the truth.

In any other countries in the world, afraid of been targeting for speaking the truth is nothing short of a helpless person in the dean of the lion. He had rather lose an election than to be the slave of your conscience.

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Haiti Pride says...

As i'm concern about my Haiti.

After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated.

And bearing unmeasurable sufferings.

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Turene H......... says...

De ma part s'il y avait une veritee, nous la conaissions deja.

Pouki se jodi a apre 6 ane monche ou met kinbe sa a pou

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