You're Fired, President Martelly Tells Gaillot Dorsainvil and The CEP

Mezanmi, The Haiti electoral council (CEP) just got canned... LOL... Yep... Gaillot Dorsainvil and the entire CEP have just been fired by Haiti president Michel Martelly.

Can you spell... PINK SLIP???

Here is the official Press release from the presidency:


Port-au-Prince, Thursday, December 29, 2011. The Office of Communication of the Presidency informed that by order dated Thursday, December 29, 2011, the decree of October 16, 2009 appointing the members of the Provisional Electoral Council is and remains reported.

Therefore, the former members of the Provisional Electoral Council are invited to submit to the Directorate General of the electoral institution all state assets that are still in their possession.

What do you tink about this?

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Jeanlavau, are you a male prostitute?

Are you sure it's Martelly who use to pimp your tail to high profile customers?

Please, i am interested in male prostitution, i already have all the contacts for you.
I am warning you, i am a violent man when it's about loyalty and cash, as long you can behave and follow my rules.

My rule number one, i must ream your rear

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Jeanlavau says...

bat chen an tan-n met li, lite le li tan pou Prezidan-an te pimpe moun-n sa yo ale, konsa sakap vini deye yo a pran leson.pase bon-n

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Ronald Altieri says...

Guinyin kap pale bagay, epi Guinlot kap fai koze. Mwin konnin guin moun ki pa pense enyin de Prezidan'an paske yo jalou, min dan nan diol'yo pa fouti di ke li pap fai enyin.

Malgre gin yun seri de moun se pa odeur parfun ki excite'yo, min se sent pete ki fai yo griyin dan'yo. Min Prezidan'an se plante lap plante, li pap okipel' de moun sayo, pase sou pou generation kap vini'yo lap plante.

Min konpa'l li tap palew'la. Mate konpa'a nan dingong yo!
Sak pa

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Calixte Guerrier Pastor says...

Well, President Martelly got the power to fire any body
who does not respect
the Executive Power and Command.

So, I
Suggest they do as they told. May God continue to bless Haiti.

Former Presidential
Candidate for Haiti

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Marc Monestime says...

Je pense que president martelly a fait un travail excellent d'avoir limoge le conseil electoral provisoire qui n'a pa ete a la hauteur de leur tache, en un mot top politise.

Il faut qu'il les traduire en justice trop longtemps l'impunite regne dans le pays. il faut commencetaquer a attaquer ces taureaux par leurs cornes.

Vous avez ete elu pour mettre de l'ordre ds cette republique.

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Bravo Mr. President says...

I think its a good step toward the right direction.

At first i was very skeptical about him. But over the last few months, the President inspired so many Haitians to help themselves.

I fully support this

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Etienne says...

About time! The members of the CEP should have been fired two presidential elections ago. Hopefully, the next group will get the job done on time from now on and always respects the will of the

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Ronald says...

May Heavenly Father bless you Mr President and your family.

Wonderfull job president, enough is enough, after July 28, 1915 it is time for every single Haitians be a real Haitian male od female young and old rich and poor every Haitian must be Haitian and work for Haiti, it is time now for us stop asking what the Haiti can do for us, everyone must asking themself: What I can do for my country to be the first great black counrty in the world.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

It's about time, further more, Why so long?

His next job should be cleaning after other prisoners.

Zero tolerance from now one.
Anyway good job President Martelly, don't let me put you in my jackass wall

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Mizeliah says...

men wi ou se fari-n menm sak la, gen le nou pa komprann Presidan an di byenmineya fini nan pwen piyay anko se NETWAYE NETWAYE NETWAYE.

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