Wyclef Shot in Haiti - Hospital Photo

Here is a photo of Singer Wyclef Jean at the hospital in Haiti after reports that he was shot and wounded.

You can see his Wyclef's hands bandaged...

Also read: FLASH!!! Wyclef Jean Just Got Shot In Haiti

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Miejo says...

Maggie the Kennedys never leave threir country, what do you mean when you say
you know what MAGGIE, people like you have make the county of Haiti in that situation.

but remember in the US, the water you are drinking, the school you are going to, the streets on what you are driving your car and the freedom that you enjoing it's BIEN SAN SUIYE FOR YOU.you dint do nothing for that...

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Nancy says...

li sote ponpe sou haiti lap anmerde kow lap gentan

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Nicolas Ronel says...

One day after the election, I learn with worry and pain that the haitian singer Wyclef Jean got shot. I beleive strongly this kind of behaviour would lead us nowhere.

we are a nation and we are working hardly to establish the democrasy for that we must be tolerant.

We must stop acting likethat.

Stop the violence and practice the tolerance rule and acceptance of others for a better

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Sesalye says...

Wyclef Jean tells of being shot in the hand in HaitiText Size:
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By The Wall Street

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Richelle says...

se aristide wi ki start voye group li yo pou ale tire sou

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Maggie says...

Wyclef you know your people is bad, so do me a favor go back to the US because i love you to much to see you get hurt gen ampil ti grangou ki pa renmen travay wap fe a pinga ou bay viw pou haiti peup sa tro

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Nancy says...

yon le yap fout li yon bal vre wi si li pa poze, li chofe ti vagabon

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