Why I Was Disqualified As a Haiti Presidential Candidate, Raymond Joseph Explains

Former Haiti ambassador to the United States and presidential candidate, Raymond Joseph, explains why he and other presidential candidates were unfairly disqualified from running in a recent article published by the Christian Science Monitor.

In the article Raymond Joseph says...

"The explanation for my disqualification... is that I did not properly discharge my responsibilities when I resigned from office as Haiti's Ambassador to the United States on August 1. This is untrue; a charge which could be immediately disregarded if the CEP was willing to review signed and dated correspondence between Haiti's foreign minister and me."

"More troubling to me and others however, is that other Haitian government officials, some of whom did not even resign their official posts, were promptly qualified without such criteria."

"Haiti has failed the first fundamental test in holding credible elections - certifying candidates, and affording each due process under the law, equally and without discrimination."

"The CEP has historically interpreted the [Haitian] constitution at will."

"I have learned that... the CEP is now reviewing my candidacy, along with the 14 other disqualified candidates, but we have no confidence that the review will be any less arbitrary."

"The [CEP] officials are aware that with a November 28 deadline approaching, all they need to do is run out the clock."

"If the selection of [presidential] candidates is not transparent, how can one expect that the election will be open and representative?"

To read the article in full, click on Haiti presidential election: justice on the line


What is your opinion about the selection of candidates in this year's elections and Raymond Joseph's agreement?

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Denise says...

Haiti Observateur is the most reactionary and tioul Americain newspaper.

I agreed with you people should not buy this garbage.

Refers to his former notorious

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Antitripotage says...

Few years ago, this old rat scandalized for no good reason my former class mate 575[Look on telephone pad for letters representing 575] on his news paper the so called Haiti Observateur or tripotage news. Haitians should boycott la voix du tripotage which is Haiti

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Demesvar Charles says...

It is disheartening to see how haitian politians have no respect for our inteligence.

They have no quarrel participating in a fraudulent process in the hope that the fraud will be perpetrated in their favor; once somebody else is favored, then they trompet their outrage.

It is obvious that these poly-ti-chien don't have the people's interest at heart; it's more than overdue that we the people stop eating their farce and take our country out of this quagmire on our own. If we allow these people to continue playing us like this, and also allow the reconstruction of Haiti to be financed solely by the internationa community without our input, Haiti will forever be the product of international charity.

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Johnny says...

Wap kon n moun se menjan le ou se yon anbasade nan etazini epi ou responsab pou bay tout haitiens ki bezoiin paspo epi ki rete biyin louin anbasad la ou di fok yo vinn nan anbasad la ou

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