What if Haiti President Martelly Suddenly decided to Call it Quits?

I've been wanting to raise this question: What if president Martelly had enough of the presidency and suddenly decided to LEAVE (rashe mayok li) like the opposition in Haiti wants so badly? Then I realize, someone already did raise the question... Read this from Agence haitienne de presse (AHP)

Haiti president Michel Martelly
Haiti president Michel Martelly

What if Martelly was, exhausted? What if he decided to leave and go live elsewhere?

A Latin diplomat told AHP Thursday that the problem with Haitians is that they are united when they must fight rightly or wrongly a head of state.

But it is when it comes to reviving and running the country as problems emerge. Each group wants to monopolize everything and is even ready to exclude those who participated with him in the fight, he has indicated .

Today, there is a sector of the opposition just as hostile to President Martelly, but feel they lacked the means to collect should president Martelly LEAVE, because of the strength of another side of the opposition who prefer to seek power through the back door, trying to integrate.

This group who unfortunately believes it can be strengthened by denigrating, is rather favorable to the departure of Prime Minister to invest the PRIMATURE, isolate the president and have total control of the machine when it come to elections.

But president Martelly, while he appears to be weakened by the magnitude of protests against his government and himself, did not fall into the trap , said a source close to the government.

For the diplomat quoted above, "the best and most essential thing for all involved to do is to compromise, get together, if they are truly democrat."

Indeed, nothing can be done today in the back of the people without leading to failure. The examples are legion. And those who persist in ignoring this truth are only working towards their loss...

This is a rough translation from french article by ahphaiti.org, a very interesting article...

What do you think about it?

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Jacque Th says...

If Martelly were to leave the international community reaction would be "there the Haitians go again...

a failed state" We can wave bye bye to any potential investor, to any substantial foreign aid and to any respect we have earned over the past couple years as well as post earthquake sympathy.

We would once again be viewed as a dysfunctional

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Subject: What if Haiti President Martelly Suddenly decided to Call it Quits? edit

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