What if Barack Obama visited Haiti now that he is no longer President of the United States?

Many Haitians had hoped Barack Obama would visit Haiti, the first Black Republic in the world while he was still the first black President of the United States but that never happened.

But what if Obama finally decided to visit Haiti now that he is no longer president of the United States? Would it create the same buzz?

Si Barack Obama ta vizite Haiti konye a, eske l ap fè menm bri avek lè l te prezidan Etazini?

Don't get me wrong, Barack Obama is still very popular but if this man came to Haiti while he was still president. It would've been quite an experience.

Michelle Obama in Haiti Michelle Obama in Haiti

First Lady Michelle Obama did visit Haiti briefly while Rene Preval was President of Haiti.

Do you care now whether or not President Barack Obama visits Haiti?

What do you Think about that?

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Julien says...

NO WAY I don't care about him going to Haiti.

He didn't go when he was president why would we want him no?

I hope he don't go because we don't care about him. As first black president in United States he didn't nothing to help

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Paul says...

He should have done it while he was in office.

Now it is becoming clear that he didn't do much to help any blacks even in the USA.

I know people who tried to get him to come for Haiti's 200 anniversary of first free black republic.

Seems like he brushed off the

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Max Marmterl says...

Obama tried reparing damages that Bill and Hillary have done to Haiti.

He spent 8 years in white house, Haiti hasn't been in his

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Vladimir says...

Li pat vizite Ayiti paske li pat vle kanpe kote prezidan malprop nou te genyen an. Kom prezidan neg li pat ka fe program spesifikman pou neg men Obama te travay pou stabilize ekonomi Ameriken a.

Des milyard de travay te kréye men li pat ka fose patron yo bay neg travay.

Sutou anpil nan travay li kreye yo mande edukasyon.

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Bad says...

Li pat vizite Ayiti padke li pat vle kanpe kote prezidan malprop nou te genyen

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Pascal says...

These Haitians are tripping.

Obama, Trump, nor any other American president don't owe Haiti jack. Haitian beggar mentality even extends to the Diaspora, always relying on external support and wanting to be recognized by those they admire.

Haitian neediness is contagious.

Haitians blame outsiders and put more pressure on them than their own leaders.

Plus, if Obama went to Haiti now he would still be put on a

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Spencer says...

Obama pa bienvenue menm nan Mitan Black Americain parey li yo paske li pat réglé anyen pou yo pendant 2 manda l la.

Pami toute peyi misie tap moute dessann yo, li te voye Haiti jeté bien loin.

Vini misie pap fe Haiti ni cho ni fret. vote diaspora a pa pou vendre ni en gro ni en détail.

Nou pa gin vote pou jan de moun sa

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Goldstein says...

If Obama didn't come to Haiti while he was at the white house, it is because he didn't care much about Haiti.Why would he care now.

Obama is a weak man, mostly Muslim to me and pro jihad.

He is a hypocrite to me, very uncomfortable in his shoes.

Please Obama, keep away from Haiti.

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Rza says...


Obama is a puppet...

How's hope working for black folks in America especially so called African-Americans descendants of slaves.

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Ernest Bellande says...

Haiti needed his support when he had some influence.

Now he is no less than a simple US citizen submitted to the same abuse his fellow black men are suffering.

What then can Haiti expect from him?

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