What Exactly Does Dual Citizenship Mean For Haitians Living Abroad?

Parliament just passed a new law in Haiti recognizing Haitians with other nationalities but what exactly did the Haitian Diaspora really get in return?

Most Haitians who were in favor of dual citizenship in Haiti thought they would be able to go back to Haiti and "be all they can be" but I don't think this is the case at all...

Magistrat... OUI... Senateur... HELL NO!!!

I was listening to a news broadcast last night and my understanding is that Haitians with other nationalities are still barred from becoming a Depute (State Representative), a Senator, or President of the Republic.

As a dual citizen, you can be a mayor and you can hold a position in local government but that's about it...

If you were thinking about becoming "Senator of the Republic" while holding on to your American or Canadian passport, you really need to review this new law... LOL...

Jean Robert Lafortune, leader of the Haitian American Grassroots Coalition, says...

"The step that was taken is positive but it did not go far enough, because this reform formally established two kind of Haitians: Those who can run for the most important posts of the country like the prime minister and the president, and those who cannot."

If you are a diaspora... Guess what...
You are in the "CAN NOT pile"...
Sa-w te panse? Se Piyay... LOL...

The Haitian law makers made sure their job is safe. They assured continuity of the status quo when it comes to Haitian politics... You know what I mean?

What is your opinion about this?

Is this new law - about Multiple Nationalite in Haiti - what you expected?

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

Lundi'16 mai 2011


Jean-Michel Caroit est un journaliste raciste du Journal Le Monde.

Depuis au moins vingt ans Jean-Michel Caroit pond des articles sur

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Linda says...

This is a good first step. Once enough of us are back, we can push to make further

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

12 mai 2012, La Madeleine (France(12 mai 2011

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine (France), le 12 mai 2011
Le14 mai

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

Va-t-on introniser

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Josy says...

President J.M. Martelly is going to clean it up, and they are in for a big surprise.

They are a bunch of crooks, scammers, and con artists.

The party is over, and it is the end. I understand a senator makes 7gs per month, and has a free car. He has an office, laptop, and a diplomatic passport.

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Garry Destin says...

I agree.

If you want to run for an important role, be 100% serious abot it. Can't serve two masters at a

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Disgusted Haitian says...

If tete cale can do it, so can I !
It should be applied to every one or he must give the seat back to Mme Manigat.

Ce piyai

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Jean says...

Guess what these law makers, they are just scared of competition, that is why they change their mind on being fair to all haitians..They are so corrupted they can not stand possible other visions.The reason why haitians leave haiti to get other citizenships it is because Haiti with all the corrupted leaders always failed to establish the conditions necessary for people to live normally.

Haitians everywhere should be treated fairly, that means make

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Jynee says...

the problem with a Haiti is that there are crooks on both side of the atlantic, crooks in haiti and crooks in the Diaspora.

many of the current crooks are educated abroad and return to Haiti for the spoil, ex: prime minister Bellerive.

Until Haiti has rule of law, good decent people are going to stay of of politic because it's dirty and Haiti is more blatantly grimy because you can lose your life. unfortunately there are Haitian in the diaspora who's allegiance is not haiti but their pockets and their rich friends abroad, of course, many in the diaspora are good decent folks and so are those in Haity but many of these decent folks are scared to enter politics.

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