VIDEO - Haiti Election 2010, INITE Calls It A Conspiracy

Watch the video... Haiti Election 2010 Conspiracy Plan Exposed By INITE. Senator Joseph Lambert says the attempt by certain candidates to cancel the election is just a conspiracy... But wait... There's more...

"Senate a tout patizan INITE pou rete Tet Fret, pa pran nan provokasyon an-atandan KEP-a pibliye resula election yo" the RTNH reporter says...

Ann Tande...

(video not available)

The "Conspiracy Plan Exposed By INITE" was not our choice of words; rather, this was actually the title of the video posted on Youtube by judecelestion2010.

For those of you who don't speak French, Senator Joseph Lambert says...

"Certain candidates have plotted to cancel the elections besides the fact that many organizations have spent an enormous about of money to realize these elections on the pretense of problems that they themselves have created and irregularities maliciously invented and unjustly put on the back of the INITE party which they have pinpointed as their common enemy...

These candidates figured that they were going to loose the election, so they orchestrated an audacious political maneuver in the form of a 'Coup D'etat Electorale'... (Translation:"

That's just part of what he said...

What do you think?

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen tande senate Lambert epi pi mwen Compran sa li dia.Mwen pa pou candida yo yo te rele mounn pou pran la yo gen dwa pou veye sa kap pase menm jan INITE gen dwa tou.La lwa la pou tout mounn ki nan elecsyon yan li pala pou yon categori mounn avec Pati yo. Senate Lambert le Preval te gen elecsyon Pou vin Prezidan Haiti eske pat gen yon group menm jan kite ale nan la ru pou declare Preval se li ki genyen.eske Preval pat gen pou li te Ale nan yon secon tou Avec Lesly F. Manigat, ou pa sonje yo fe kec manb nan CEP couri mache post li pou evite sa fet avec delarasyon Preval ou genyen 50 +1% se bultin ou yo, vole yo pran .ki se yon fo mesaj.

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Gerry says...

I addressed the same concern on a radio show in Miami this Wednesday Dec 1.010 by asking Mr. Baker if he and the others who participate in that famous press conference did not fall for the slick tactics of Mr. Martelly, whom I think, planned and executed the scenario that we have seen Sunday by manipulating some thugs to undermine the elections.

No matter how you see it Mr. Martelly took advantage of

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