VIDEO: Anti-Martelly Manifestation in Petion-Ville, A moment of FEAR they say...

Watch the video... A moment of fear crossed Petion-ville on Thursday, the passage of a demonstration organized by opposition groups who continue to demand the departure of President Michel Martelly. The passage of protesters led by FOPAK, stores quickly dropped their iron curtain, Haiti Press Network says...

With the arrival of the protesters at the entrance of Petion-ville, government supporters threw stones at the crowd of young people from particular Beil air and Downtown with the slogans "Dessalines going to Petion," " Martelly must go."

Tell me again why Martelly has to ALE? ALE ki kote?

What do you think about this?

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Tonton Michel says...

Regardless of how they feel the President must finish his term. Haiti needs stability above all

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Calixte Guerrier says...

Why Martelly has to

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Maryse says...

Why they are like this?

Please tell me whoever is president in Haiti after 2 years they do the same. But for

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Oriol Zamor says...

Ayitien vreman pakonn sa yo vle, matelly ce premye president ki montre ke li renmen peyi-l.

Se laa pou nou we ke ayiti pap mache si se pa dictater ki vin nan

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Turenne Jean-francois says...

Je trouve ça bizarre que le HRW et la CPI ne soulève aucune question concernant ce qui se passe en haiti.


N'y a t-il pas incitation a la violence de la part de ces

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Wilner Pierre says...

Martelly is not going any where, because belongs to Haiti.

Martelly is the man for the

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Turenne Jean-francois says...

Je ne peux comprendre comment est-ce possible que les manifestants ne réalisent pas qu'il n'est pas dans leurs intérêts que le pays soit encore déstabilisé, alors ce qu'ils disent vouloir que ça change.

Est-ce que quelqu'un peut

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David Grant says...

According to the constitution of Haiti, Mr. Martelly has a mandate for six years in office.

After those six years, he has to prorogue parliament and call for election a new president.

Therefore, any manifestation to overthrow him is illegal.

Those who oppose him have to wait for the end of his

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Subject: VIDEO: Anti-Martelly Manifestation in Petion-Ville, A moment of FEAR they say... edit

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