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Haiti Senateur Desras : New government to replace Jovenel in 21 days maximum (VIDEO)

Simon Dieuseul Desras and leaders of the opposition in a press conference against President Jovenel Read this... Ex senator Simon Dieuseul Desras announced "in 21 days or less we will install a new government in Haiti" to replace Jovenel Moise." Watch the video... more »

Simon Dieuseul Desras: The days of Jovenel Moise in power are numbered

Andre Michel, Jovenel Moise, Desras Simon Dieuseul Former Haiti senator Simon Dieuseul Desras in taking part in a series of Manifestation against president Jovenel Moise. Senator Desras says the days of Jovenel Moise in power are numbered. more »

Haiti Elections - DESRAS says NO Elections 24 Janvier, MANIFESTATION All Weekend Long

Haiti Election Update -- Former Senate president Desras Simon Dieuseul says HELL no to elections on Sunday 24 January... Desras is calling for "civil disobedience" all over the country on Election weekend... "We have taken all measures to deploy the people across the country," Desras said in an interview to radio Zenith FM Thursday... more »

Haiti Elections - DESRAS di Centre Tabulation Votes yo en Reseau ak Biwo PHTK

Haiti Elections Update -- Ancien Senatè DESRAS Simon Dieuseul lage yon lot "Revelation" anko... Desras di Centre de tabulation des votes (CTV) a "en Reseau" ak you lot Sant Tabulation ki andedan biwo PHTK... more »

Haiti - DESRAS di Jovenel Moise pap ka fe 5 JOU sou pouvwa kom President

Nouvo Gouvernemt DERAS a: Jude Celestin President, Moise JC, Maryse Membre, Pere Eternel Premier Ministre Tande sa... Nan emission Ranmasse, Radio Caraibes, 28 Nov 2015 la, Maitre Reynold Georges mande koman Jovenel Moise pwal fè 5 ans sou pouvwa paske li konnem pep la pap rantre lakay yo, Senateur Simon Dieuseul Desras reponn: Li pap ka fè 5 jou! more »

Haiti - DESRAS tell G8 DO NOT Trust Any Foreign Ambassador in Haiti, They Have Ulterior Motives

Desras Simon Dieuseul vs. TOUT Ambassades Haiti Elections Update -- "DO NOT Trust these Foreign Ambassadors," Former Senate President Desras Simon Dieuseul tells the 8 presidential candidates from the opposition (G8), "Do not meet with them SOLO... They have ulterior motives..." more »

FLASH: Haiti - Desras Proposes New Government, Jude President, Maryse, Moise JC Members, Eric Jean Baptiste Prime Minister

Nouvo Gouvernemt DERAS a: Jude Celestin President, Moise JC, Maryse Membre, Pere Eternel Premier Ministre Haiti Elections Update -- Former Senator President Desras Simon Dieuseul believes he has the perfect solution for Haiti: KICK Martelly out and form a new 'College de Gouvernment' with Jude Celestin president, Moise Jean Charles and Maryse Narcisse as Members and Eric Jean Baptiste as Prime Minister... Say what??? more »

Haiti - Andre Michel di: Li pi fasil pou peyi a kraze ke JOVENEL Moise prezidan

Andre Michel, Jovenel Moise, Desras Simon Dieuseul Tande sa... Lidè Opposition Andre Michel di li pi fasil pou peyi d'Haiti KRAZE ke Jovenel Moise vinn prezidan nan emission Ranmasse sou Radio Caraibes FM jounen Samedi 7 Novembre 2015 la... more »

Haiti - Senator DESRAS: Election Results are WRONG, Jude Celestin Leads with 983,790 votes

Desras Simon Dieuseul, Jude Celestin Haiti Election Update - According to Senator Simon Dieuseul DESRAS the CEP elections results are totally wrong... Jude Celestin had 983790 votes in the 25 October Elections... 413000 of Jovenel Moise's votes were casted with proces-verbals (mandataire votes)... Wait there's more... more »

Haiti - Senator DERAS Grades 25 Oct Election Day at MINUS 40 Percent, Wait, There's More!

Candidat Desras Simon Dieuseul sou Do Patizan li yo With a terrible -40% grade (minus forty), former Haiti Senate president Desras Simon Dieuseul claims the 25 October elections was even worse than the 09 August elections which he graded at ZERO percent... more »