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Haiti Manifestation - The opposition remobilizes to "unscrew" Jovenel Moise come May 18th

Haiti  - Schiller Louidor during an opposition press conference Haiti is in manifestation mode once again. Starting Wednesday 08 May 2019 there will be street protests until 18 May with the ultimate goal of "deboulonnen" (unskrewing) Jovenel Moise from power, says Shiller Louidor, fierce opponent of the Haitian president. more »

Schiller Louidor feels President Jovenel Moise is weak and now is the best time to get rid of him

Jovenel Moise and Schiller Louidor As the government is trying to jump start the PetroCaribe investigations and President Jovenel is getting rid of some of the people around him, LAVALAS opponent Shiller Louidor think now is the time to push him out the National Palace. more »

Haiti: LAVALAS is behind PetroCaribe and stealing movement from Petro Challengers, ex senator said

Ex Senator Edo Zenny and Dimitri Vorbe The PetroCaribe Challenge which started out as a non political movement is slowly becoming a political movement to get rid of President Jovenel Moise. LAVALAS is behind it, ex senator Edo Zenny said. more »

Haiti Opposition: Schiller Louidor of Fanmi Lavalas in court to answer questions

PHOTO : Schiller Louidor Reve Maryse Narcisse President UPDATE: Haiti Fanmi Lavalas opposition leader Schiller Louidor is in court today at Parquet de Port-au-Prince to answer the questions of government commissioner Ocname Clamé Daméus, . more »

Haiti Politics - Fanmi LAVALAS: We do NOT recognize Jovenel Moise as President, we will sit down and talk with him

Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas di yo PA rekonèt Jovenel Moise kom prezidan peyi a Nearly eight months after Jovenel Moise was sworn in as President of Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide's Fanmi LAVALAS political party are still saying they do not recognize him as a president... more »

Haiti Manifestation: Schiller Louidor di se yon Batay pou JOVENEL Moise ALE...

Jovenel Moise and Schiller Louidor Si tout moun ap manifeste pou President Jovenel Moise fè bak sou Budget a, LAVALAS gen yon lot bagay nan tèt yo... Schiller Louidor de Fanmi LAVALAS di "sa se on batay pou Jovenel ale!" more »

Haiti Elections - JOVENEL Moise will NOT be the only Candidate Kicked OUT of the Race, LAVALAS Schiller Louidor said

PHOTO : Schiller Louidor Reve Maryse Narcisse President Haiti Elections Update -- Fanmi LAVALAS believes they will WIN the presidency by process of elimination... Schiller Louidor a high member of the Lavalas party said Candidate Jovenel Moise will not be the only fraudster who will be kicked out of the presidential race... There are others and they will be kicked out as well, he said... more »

Haiti - Schiller Louidor di: C'est FINI l'Affaire de JOVENEL...

Jovenel Moise and Schiller Louidor Schiller Louidor de Fanmi LAVALAS di: "Martelly te anvi ba nou yon bannan, li pa rive bay li... Il n'a pas eu de Jovenel, il n'auras pas de Jovenel... Jamais de la vie, c'est fini... C'est fini cette histoire..." Lundi, Nan emission Haiti Aujourd'hui sou antenne Radio Signal FM... more »

Haiti Post-Election - Fanmi LAVALAS Press Conference 9:30am Tuesday

Haiti Elections - Aristide Pran Lari ak Maryse Narcisse Denye Jou Kanpay Electoral la Haiti Post-Election - Fanmi LAVALAS announces a press conference for Tuesday 9am... So far no one knows the reason for this press conference; However, Schiller Louidor said on the radio Monday that Lavalas Candidate Maryse Narcisse won in the first round and they were already making plans for her inauguration... Stay tuned! more »

Haiti Post Election : Schiller Louidor : Le Pouvoir LAVALAS a Repris le control de ce Pays!

PHOTO : Schiller Louidor Reve Maryse Narcisse President Mezanmi, gen yon seri de nouvel, se an KREYOL pou nou bay yo... Dr. Schiller Louidor di: "Le Pouvoir LAVALAS a repris le control de ce pays!" Misye panse tout bon vre ke Maryse Narcisse genyen election presidentiel la depi 1er TOUR... more »