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Opposition: Senator Ricard Pierre talks about Haiti Transfer of Power in the Coming Days

Haiti Opposition senators stand guard inside the parliament building In the coming days a new commission will be announces that will be in charge of the transfer of power in Haiti, opposition Senator Ricard Pierre announced. "We will soon communicate to you the length of their mandate and the personalities who will be a part of the commission," Ricard Pierre said. more »

The fate of Jovenel Moise: Haiti Opposition planning to hunt down a president "On The Run"

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target) "We believe between today (Sunday 29 Sept) and tomorrow, we should no longer have (president) Jovenel Moise 'en Cavale' (on the run) any longer," Opposition Senator Ricard Pierre said in a press conference. "We will catch him by then." more »

Haiti opposition Senator dares Senater president Carl Murat Cantave to hold PM ratification session

Haiti Opposition senators stand guard inside the parliament building Haiti News FLASH... Haitian opposition Senator Ricart Pierre dares senator president Carl Murat Cantave to hold the ratification session of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel. more »

Embezzlement - Haitian Senate President Lambert accused of renting his own home for $8 million with taxpayers money

Senateur Joseph Lambert - President du Senat Former Haitian senator Ricard Pierre accused of Senate president Joseph Lambert of embezzling taxpayers money by renting his own home to the State for 8 million gourdes so he himself can live in it. more »