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Watch out for PetroCaribe thieves who wants Power in Haiti in order to give themselves Amnesty, Eric Jean Baptiste said

Beware the PetroCaribe Thieves in the fight for power in Haiti. Many people who dilapidated the PetroCaribe funds in Haiti are seeking amnesty and they are seeking power to get it, Politician Eric Jean Baptiste says watch out. more »

PetroCaribe: Senator Lambert asks all individuals and companies indexed to get ready for Justice

Senator Joseph Lambert - Who is Joseph Lambert? While everyone is focusing on president Jovenel Mois in in regards to the dilapidaiton of the PetroCaribe money, Senator Joseph Lambert ask everyone whose name was mentioned to answer the justice system. more »

Dossier PetroCaribe has made a full comeback in Haiti after CSCCA submits corruption report to Parliament

Kote Kob PetroCaribe a? Steven Benoit, Rene Preval, Jude Celestin PetroCaribe has returned as the talk of the town in Haiti after the has mad a full comeback in Haiti after Superior Court of Accounts and Administrative Litigation (CSCCA) submitted part 2 of the corruption report to parliament. more »

President Michel Martelly - Note de Clarification

Haiti President Michel Martelly and family - Inauguration day President Michel Martelly - Note de Clarification 6 Septembre 2018 -- En réaction aux débats entretenus dans les médias et sur les réseaux sociaux relatifs à des déclarations publiques tenues lors de prestations et sorties publiques, je tiens à faire le point et à apporter les clarifications suivantes pour l'histoire et pour la vérité. more »

VIDEO: Kote Lajan PetroCARIBE a? Wilson LALEAU bay Reponse

Wilson Laleau - Former Haiti Minister of Finance Everyone in Haiti wants to know what happened to the Petrocaribe money in Haiti? Listen the answers of Wilson Laleau, former minister of Finance under president Michel Martelly, in a video interview. more »

Rapport PetroCaribe Haiti: Youri Latortue reacts to President Jovenel Moise declaration in Paris

Senateur Youri Latortue Haiti Senate President Youri Latortue wants President Jovenel Moise to butt out of the PetroCaribe rapport drama happening in the Senate. "A president can not interfere in the affairs of the legislature just as a senator can not interfere in the affairs of the executive," he said. more »

Rapport PetroCaribe Haiti: There will be NO Political Persecutions while as long as I am President, Jovenel Moise says

PHOTO: Haiti President Jovenel Moise in Paris speaking with the Diaspora During his trip to Europe, president jovenel Moise told the Haitian diaspora in Paris as long as he's president there will be no political persecutions happening in the country. more »