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Protesters set fire to vehicle of President Jovenel's advisor Jude Charles Faustin in front of Radio Caraibes FM

Vehicle of President Jovenel Adviser set on fire after a heated debate on Jean Monard's RANMASSE Angry protesters threw a molotov cocktail at the vehicle Depute Jude Charles Faustin, advisor to Haitian president Jovenel Moise, setting on fire after the radio program RANMASSE where he was a guest Saturday. more »

Adjey Mezanmi... Moise Jean Charles talking politics on his hospital bed

Moise Jean Charles - Manifestation anti Jovenel Moise This is sad... This is really sad... Ex Haitian senator Moise Jean Charles, lays on a hospital bed, he can barely talk and yet he is live on Radio Caraibes taking politics... Zam nan bouda President Jovenel Moise! more »

Haiti PM Evans Paul nan Emission Ranmasse sou Radio Caraibes FM

Men Nouvel... Haiti - Premier Minis Haitien an Evans Paul Debake nan emission Ranmasse sou antenne Radio Caraibes jounen Samedi 10 Janvier 2014 la... more »

Ti Nicolas Duvalier In President Michel Martelly's Cabinet - True OR False?

Haitian Senator Moise Jean-Charles said on the radio Caraibes show, RAMASE, earlier today that Jean Claude Duvalier's son, Francois Nicolas Jean Claude Duvalier, is in the cabinet of president Michel Martelly. more »

Martelly is NOT the President of Haiti, Charles Henri Baker says

Over the weekend on the Haitian radio show RAMASE on araibes FM, Former Haiti Presidential candidate Charles Henri (Charlito) Baker made a statement that made headline news: "Martelly is NOT the President of Haiti," Baker says... more »

Plot to Assassinate Caraibes FM Journalist Jean Monard Metellus Uncovered

Have you heard? There is a plot in Haiti to assassinate Haitian journalist Jean Monard Metellus, the host of the socio-political radio program RAMASE on Caraibes FM. The radio's web site article headline reads: "Le journaliste Jean Monard Métellus en danger de mort..." more »

It is possible to hold a Presidential Election In Haiti this Year?

There seems to be a debate going on in Haiti about whether or NOT it is possible to hold a credible election for the highest post in the land... the Presidency... within the next 3 months. more »