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Haiti signs 150 million dollars deal with Taiwan for Electricity 24/7 president Jovenel Moise Promised

In Mid-June 2017, President Jovenel Moise promised to electrify Haiti 24/7 in 24 months (Electricité 24 sur 24) In case you wondered if President Jovenel Moise will keep his promise to provide electricity in Haiti 24/7, read this... more »

Haiti Politics: Aristide secretly wanted Jovenel Moise to be president (VIDEO)

Assad Volcy, President Jovenel Moise, Jean Bertrand Aristide Can you believe this? Ex Lavalas president Jean Bertrand Aristide secretly wanted Jovenel Moise to become the next president of Haiti, NOT Moise Jean Charles, not even Maryse Narcisse, the Lavalas candidate in the past elections. This may come as a surprise to you but it is straight from the mouth Assad Volcy. Watch the video... more »

Haiti : Fanmi Lavalas will NOT negotiate, they want President Jovenel to resign, and more!

Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas di yo PA rekonèt Jovenel Moise kom prezidan peyi a While Haitian prime minister Jean Henry Ceant is taking about political dialogue, Jean Bertrand Aristide's LAVALAS party makes is clear, they are not interested in a negotiation. Fanmi Lavalas wants a Tabula Rasa, president, prime minister, and parliament, all gone! more »

President Jovenel Moise aims to get more Haitian engineers out of cooperation with Cuba

President Jovenel Moise and Cuban president Miguel Díaz-Canel President Jovenel Moise wants more than just doctors from Haiti's cooperation with Cuba. During a recent visit to Cuba, the president aims to get more engineers as well to assist in the development of Haiti. more »

Negotiate with the media, Senator Anacasis tells President Jovenel Moise

Roberson Alphonse, President Jovenel, Anacasis Jean Hector President Jovenel Moise needs to negotiate with the Haitian media or he will be sorry, former Senator Jean Hector Anacasis said in a recent interview on Tele 20, an affiliate television station of the daily newspaper Le Nouvelliste. more »

President Jovenel Moise left Haiti for a 5-day trip abroad

President Jovenel Moise in Mexico President Inauguration The Haitian president left the country Friday November 30, 2018, to participate in various events including the swearing-in of Mexico's new president Andres Manuel Lopez obrador. more »

Moise Jean Charles says: It's too late to negotiate with Jovenel Moise!

Moise Jean Charles wants President Jovenel Moise to Rache his Manyok Did Moise Jean Charles ever intend to negotiate with President Jovenel Moise? The opposition leader said it's too late now! more »

Haiti Dialogue: Jovenel Moise stepping down is NOT on the negotiating table, Prime Minister said

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target) Haitian politicians are talking about dialogue but what some of them really want is for president Jovenel to resign. Does the dialogue include the departure of President Jovenel from power? Prime Minister Henry Ceant replies. more »

Haiti Protests: Core Group stays stop the violence to force elected officials to resign

PHOTO: Haiti President Jovenel Moise meeting with Core Group at the National Palace The Core Group says the acts of violence in Haiti seeking to provoke the resignation of legitimate authorities in the country do now have their place in the democratic process. more »

Petionville Haiti Depute Jerry Tardieu thinks it's best if President Jovenel Moise Resigns

Jerry Tardieu - Depute de Petion-Ville Jerry Tardieu, the Depute of Petionville came up with a proposed "sortie de crise" suggesting President Jovenel Moise submit his resignation in order to restore stability in the country. more »