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SCOOP : Eric Jn Baptiste wants to lead RDNP, Mirlande Manigat's Political Party

Eric Jn Baptiste and Mirlande Manigat When you think about the RDNP political party in Haiti you think Lesly Manigat and Mirlande Manigat... The next leader of RDNP may soon be Eric Jn Baptiste, the former candidate for president and Pere Eterenel Loto PDG... more »

Haiti Election Commission, A SLAP in the FACE of the International Community, Eric Jn-Baptiste Said

Eric Jn Baptiste - Candidat a la Presidence Following a meeting at the Haiti National Palace Haiti over the creation of the electoral verification commission Tuesday, candidate for president Eric Jn-Baptiste says the creation of this commission is A BIG SLAP in the FACE of the International Community. more »

Haiti Elections: Candidate Eric Jn Baptiste tells Government to use his Campaign Money towards Education instead

Eric Jn Baptiste - Candidat a la Presidence Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate for President Eric Jn Baptiste (Pere Eternel Loto) tells the Haitian government to use his campaign financing money towards Education instead... Give it to the school children, he said in a letter addressed to the Ministry of Finance... more »

Haiti - Eric Jean Baptiste, Pere Eternel Loto, Candidat a La Presidence

Men Nouvel... Haiti Election - Avoka Eric Jean Baptiste (Père Eternel Loto) fek rive nan biwo BED lwès la sou wout Frere, li di li vinn accompanye client li, Eric Jean Baptiste, ki vini depoze pyes li pou post Candidat a la Presidence... more »