Parliament of Haiti

Haiti's Parliament Building was attacked. Explosive Device or Gunfire?

The Haitian parliament building was attacked Monday by what some people say is an explosive device while others say it was gun shots... Regardless, The parliament building was attacked.

Haiti Lavalas Senator Nenel Cassy ask his fellow Parliamentarians to ALL resign

Haitian Lavalas Senator Nenel Cassy calls upon his fellow Senators to ALL resign from parliament in order to avoid the worst from happening in the country.

Haiti : Gary Bodeau, Chamber of Deputes President, renews his fight for Haitian Consumer Rights

Haiti's Chamber of Deputies president Gary Bodeau renewed his commitment in the fight for the respect of the rights of the Haitian consumers by joining, this Wednesday, March 14, the launch of the 1st International Symposium on the Problem of Consumption in Haiti at the Hotel Le Plaza.

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles : Parliament cannot get rid of President Privert

"Parliament cannot overthrow Privert," says candidate for president and former senator Moise Jean Charles. "everything you hear coming from inside the parliament, it's BRI SAPAT (all talk no action)."

Haiti - Depute A. Rodon Bien Aime di KRAZE 50eme legislature la

Depute PHTK Antoine Rodon Bien-Aime di li mande KRAZE 50eme legislature a paske li di li pa wè raison d'etre li...

Haiti National Assembly Scheduled for Tuesday June 27, Another Showdown OR...?

Haitian senators and deputes have been called once again in to a National Assembly in order to decide on the fate of Interim President Jocelerme Privert whose term is expired...

Haiti Parliament Letter to the Nation regarding President Privert's Fate, Read this...

Here is the letter released by the legislative corps, addressed to the Haitian nation regarding consultation they are having with the executive branch with regards to the end date of president Jocelerme Privert's mandate.

Haiti Parliament DIVIDED over President Privert: Should he STAY, Should he GO?

There is a BIG divide among Haitian senators and Deputes over whether or not interim president Jocelerme Privert should remain in power past his 120-days term which ends Tuesday, 14 June 2016... Pro Privert Senators agrue he should stay until elections are held while the other side is sreaming VLE PA VLE fò l ale...

FLASH: Haiti - Prime Minister Fritz Jean REJECTED by Parliament

BREAKING News... Haiti Prime Minister Friz Alphonse Jean has just been REJECTED by parliament at the Lower House (la Chanbre des Deputes) -- 38 voted FOR, 36 voted AGAINST... Premier minis la TONBE...

FLASH: Haiti - Fritz Jean Disparet Andedan Parlement an pou La Presse PA Poze l Question

Port-au-Prince Haiti - Premier Minis Fritz Alphonse Jean fonn tankou beurre, li disparèt andedan Parlement an pou journalis yo pat poze li question apre li finn depoze pyès li... PM lan kite palman an, jounalis ap tann li nan pòt devan pou poze li kèk ti keksyon, misye fofile soti yon nan pot dèyè, li ale...