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Haitian Senator says he was offered money to vote in favor or Prime Minister

Haiti Senator Saurel Jacinthe Haitian Senator Sorel Jacinthe said Senate president offered him money to vote in favor of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel during ratification vote or to keep quiet and let the vote happen. more »

Haiti Senators accused of receiving $100,000 US to vote in favor of Prime Minister deny it

Senator Dieudonne Luma is pissed after seeing what happened at the Senate A group of Haitian Senators accused by an opposition senator of receiving $100,000 US each in bribe money to vote in favor the ratification of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel deny such allegation. more »

Haiti Senator Kedlaire Augustin says: Haiti is a difficult country, People stand in your way when you try to do good

Kedlaire Augustin - Senateur Nord-Ouest, Haiti "Haiti is a country very difficult country," Nord-Ouest Senator Kedlaire Augustin said. "Every time you start something, people come up against you, not only to disagree with what you are doing, but they stand in your way so that you do not get the job done. more »

Haiti - Security for Aristide was only a Courtesy, Government Spokeperson said

Former President Aristide escorted by Security Former President Aristide was provided government security as a courtesy when he returned to Haiti from Exile. This is what Kedlaire Augustin, Porte-parole the Prime Minister said. Aristide, like all other Haitian presidents, was only guaranteed security up to 5 years after he left office by law... more »