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President Jovenel chooses Evans Paul in 7 Members Team to conduct discussions to solve Haiti's Crisis

Meet President Jovenel's 7 Member Team for Dialoque with the Oppposition Haiti is badly in need of a dialogue. President Jovenel Moise has chosen the following 7 personalities to negotiate with the opposition and other sectors of the nation: more »

Haiti has been repeating the same mistake since 1804, President Jovenel advisor said

Jude Charles Faustin - Ancien Deputé, Conseiller du President Jovenel Moise "We have been repeating the same thing for the last 215 years," President Jovenel advisor Jude Charles Faustin said with the opposition in Haiti fighting to force President Jovenel Moise to resign. more »

Protesters set fire to vehicle of President Jovenel's advisor Jude Charles Faustin in front of Radio Caraibes FM

Vehicle of President Jovenel Adviser set on fire after a heated debate on Jean Monard's RANMASSE Angry protesters threw a molotov cocktail at the vehicle Depute Jude Charles Faustin, advisor to Haitian president Jovenel Moise, setting on fire after the radio program RANMASSE where he was a guest Saturday. more »

FALSE - Clarification - Haiti Depute Jude Charles Faustin involved in Terrible Accident

CLARIFICATION -- The news that spread on Haitian radio Saturday 14 June 2014, that Haiti Deputé Jude Charles Faustin was involved in Terrible Accident in Haiti are in fact UNTRUE; However, one of his colleagues, Depute Jules Lionel Anelus, did get involved in that accident... Read more about how this news got out... more »

Haiti Depute Jude Charles Faustin posts Facebook message denying involvement in terrible car accident

Haiti Depute Jude Charles Faustin posted message on his Facebook page denying news of his involvement in a terrible car accident Saturday 15 June 2014. "It is not true," the Depute said, I am at home!" more »