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Haiti: Jean Jacques Dessalines would be proud of Street Protests on October 17, Andre Michel said

Andre Michel - Pitit Dessalines According to Haitian political activist Andre Michel, a major street protest on October 17 is more geared towards the ideals of Jean Jacques Dessalines than going to Pont Rouge bringing flowers to commemorate his death. more »

Adjey Mezanmi... Moise Jean Charles talking politics on his hospital bed

Moise Jean Charles - Manifestation anti Jovenel Moise This is sad... This is really sad... Ex Haitian senator Moise Jean Charles, lays on a hospital bed, he can barely talk and yet he is live on Radio Caraibes taking politics... Zam nan bouda President Jovenel Moise! more »

FLASH: Haiti - Jean Monard di: PI GWO Erreur President Privert fe, li pat tou INSTALE Fritz Jean kom Premier Ministre

Tande sa... Haiti - Journaliste Jean Monard Metellus di: Pi gwo erreur president Jocelerme Privert fè, se ke li pat instatlle Fritz Jean nan primature la kom premier minis menm lè l te soti nan Palais, Vendredi, nan emisison Intersection sou antenne Caraibes FM... more »

Haiti - Jean Monard Metellus di: Si se pou mwen, Martelly tap soti nan pot deye Palais National

Tande sa... Haiti - Jean Monard Metellus di sou antenne Radio Caraibes FM: "Si se pou mwen Martelly se yon neg se cheche ou tap cheche li nan palais ou pa jwenn li, se pa pot deye pou li ta kite..." more »

Haiti - Jean Monard Metellus says: FALSE, Evans Paul did NOT Resign

Haiti - There is a confusion over Evans Paul's Resignation... Radio Caraibes FM Journalist Jean Monard Metellus says: "K-Plim (Evans Paul) did NOT resign, K-Plim is STILL in his post." Haitian Newspaper Le Nouveliste headline reads: "Le Premier ministre Evans Paul a remis sa démission." --- So which part is true??? more »

Haiti Transition - Jean Monard di: Gen GWO Kont Ki Pwal PETE...

Haiti Politics Update -- Journaliste Jean Monard Metellus (Radio Caraibes) di: "Mwen santi, mwen santi, ke pwal gen gro kont ki pwal pete, paske nan tèt pa chak nèg, si gen yon transition, w a di genlè se pou yo li ye, se yo ki pwal deside de transition an... e se inquetude blan an tou... Transition, pwal goumen pou pouvwa, li la, li reel... more »

Haiti - Journalist Jean Monard Metellus gives US Ambassador Mulrean a piece of his mind...

Radio Caraibes Journalist Jean Monard Metellus told US Ambassador Peter Mulrean: "Before you talk about political stability, you shoule start with credible elections... If in the country you come from (The USA) there were disturbing elections like in Haiti, the US would be unstable just like Haiti..." more »

Haiti - Did President Martelly really provide Jovenel Moise with a 'Presidential Motorcade?'

Haiti President Martelly, Jovenel Moise, Jean Monard Metellus Haiti Politics - Saturday on Radio Caraibes' Ranmasse, Jean Monard Metellus says he heard President Michel Martelly has provided candidate Jovenel Moise with an 'extraordinary motorcade' to go about the country, "it is truly a presidential motorcade," Jean Monard said... He thinks the Media should investigate... more »

Haiti - Andre Michel di: Li pi fasil pou peyi a kraze ke JOVENEL Moise prezidan

Andre Michel, Jovenel Moise, Desras Simon Dieuseul Tande sa... Lidè Opposition Andre Michel di li pi fasil pou peyi d'Haiti KRAZE ke Jovenel Moise vinn prezidan nan emission Ranmasse sou Radio Caraibes FM jounen Samedi 7 Novembre 2015 la... more »

Haiti Elections results 4:00pm - Journalist Jean Monard Metellus says BAD IDEA!

Haitian Journalist Jean Monard Metellus ( Radio Caraibes FM) says he heard the Electoral Council plans to deliver the presidential results at 4:00pm Thursday afternoon... BAD IDEA, Jean Monard says... Give people time to get home from work, give the students time to go home, he says... more »