Jacques Sauveur Jean

What is being done to the people of Haiti is economic violence, a Senator said

"Haiti has been kidnapped and taken hostage since 1806 after Jean Jacques Dessalines was assassinated," Haitian senator Jacques Sauveur Jean said Wednesday. "What is being done to the people of Haiti is economic violence."

AUDIO: Senateur Jacques Sauveur Jean: Jovenel Moise is UGLY and BLACK just like the Haitian people!

Can you believe this? Haitian Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean said the main reason he and others including Martelly chose Jovenel Moise for president Jovenel is because is as UGLY as the Haitian people, as BLACK (nwè) as the Haitian people and he is a banana planter. "These were my exact words to Martelly that convinced him to pick Jovenel. So I made him president!"

AUDIO: Haiti - Senateur Jacques Sauveur Jean turns his back on Jovenel Moise

Listen to this audio... Haitian Senateur Jacques Sauveur Jean, founding member of PHTK, just announced it is the end between him and President Jovenel Moise.

I am Pro Army, Haiti Senator Jack Sauveur Jean Said

In a radio interview recently, Haitian Senator Jack Sauveur Jean said he is pro army when he was asked how he feels about the return of the army.

Haiti: Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean, New President of the Senate Minority Group

Haiti Senate News -- Nord-Est Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean is now the new president of the Senate minority group... Congratulations Senator...

Haiti Politics - Senator JAKITO Denounce Plot Inside Senate to Exclude Minority Group

"I didn't choose to be in the Minority, I found myself in it," Senator Jacques Sauveur Jean, alias JAKITO, said." denouncing a major plot by the majority in the Senate to take full control over all decisions fully excluding nine (9) leftover senators who had no choice but to regroup themselves into a minority.

Haiti Elections - Love Singer Jacques Sauveur Jean elected Senator of the Republic

It's official... Singer Jacques Sauveur Jean has been elected Senator of the Republic in the second round of the Legislative elections... Jacques Sauveur Jean received 40,947 votes, a total 31.03% placing him second in the 4-candidate round 2 elections... Jacques Sauveur Jean becomes the 2nd Senator of Haiti, Nord-Est Department...

Haiti Presidential Elections : Maryse Narcisse ON TOP of a recent POLL with 27.9 percent

Haiti Elections Update -- A recent POLL places Lavalas Candidate for President Maryse Narcisse ON TOP with 27.9 percent followed by PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise...

Haiti - Liste des Musiciens et Artistes Haitiens Candidats au Prochaines Elections

Mezanmi... Mwen fèk tonbe sou yon liste laa chaje ak musicien Haitien ki ta sipose kandida pou pòs politik Haiti tankou Deputé, Senatè, ak Magistrat nan elections dat 20 Octobre 2014 k-ap vini laa...

SCOOP: Jacques Sauveur Jean Kandidat pou Senate Nord d'Est Haiti

Ou sonje Jacques Sauveur Jean? Chantè Haitien trè polilè a? Nou fék aprann ke Atis Haitien Jacques Sauveur Jean kandidat pou senatè Nord d'Est peyi d'Haiti...