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Haiti Money Problems - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs BROKE

The Haiti ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministère des Affaires Étrangères) is going broke. Soon it will be unable to pay its Haitian diplomats and employees overseas... more »

Haiti opposition leaders resurfacing as president 100 day deadline approaches

Haiti Elections Posters - Moise Jean Charles, Moise Jovenel, KI MOISE w ap Vote??? There was complete silence among Haitian opposition leaders since president Jovenel Moise sworn in but that silence seems to be coming to an end as his 100-day deadline in power approaches. more »

Back with the News about Haitian Politics

President Jovenel Moise First Conseil des Ministres News about Haitian politics was really boring this past few months wasn't it? Thank God this chapter is all over! Haiti has a president. So we're back the news, the GOOD news about Haitian Politics... more »

Can Haiti Politicians REALLY find a COMMON Solution among Themselves?

Haiti Manifestation - Martelly Dwe Kite Pouvwa Avan 7 Fevrier Lately, Haitian politicians have been pushing away the international missions like OEA and CELAC who are in Haiti asking questions. Politicians saying "No Mister BLAN, Stay Away, We Don't Want to Talk to You, We Got This, We Can Handle It On Our Own," BUT... Can they really??? more »

HAITI - Poukisa Candidat a la Presidence yo ap pale de CITE SOLEIL epi yo pa mansione okenn Ville Principal nan peyi a?

Haitiens an nou pale... Poukisa Candidat a la Presidence yo ap pale de CITE SOYEL tout la jounen epi yo pa janm mansione okenn plan ke yo ke yo genyen pou lot ville principal ki nan peyi a? more »

Haiti - Politics : NO Results after 2 days of dialogue between President Martelly and the Senators

Nothing came out the two-day dialogue between Haiti's Executive branch and the Senators of the Republic. President Michel Martelly wants to apply article 12 of the El Rancho accord while the Senators from the opposition stand firm on article 289 of the Haitian Constitution in order to create a new Electoral body (CEP) to organize the elections... more »

TRUE or FALSE? -- Haitian Politicians are demagogues (definition here)

READ THIS and tell me if 'DEMAGOGUE' truly defines most Haitian Politicians... A demagogue or rabble-rouser is a political leader in a democracy who appeals to the emotions, fears, prejudices, and ignorance of the less-educated citizens in order to gain power and promote political motives... more »

Can the opposition really drive Martelly out of office?

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - It is CLEAR... Some people just want Martelly out of office. The opposition is beginning to put together a series of anti-Martelly protests. The minute these protests turn into violence, only God knows what will happen. Can they do it? more »

Accusation: Haiti Senator Moise Jean-Charles Plans To Attack President Martelly Motorcade Tuesday

Watch the video... Haitian depute of Plaisance, Renaud Jean-Baptiste, accuses Senator Moise Jean-Charles of distributing weapons and planning an attack on the motorcade of Haitian president Michel Martelly during his visit to Plaisance. more »

Haiti Drifting Back Toward Authoritarianism

For more than a year, Haiti has been governed outside its constitution. Elected officials' terms have expired, and with no electoral commission to organize new balloting, President Michel Martelly has handpicked 129 of 140 mayors. more »