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Haiti Elections - Politicians Meet at National Palace for Verification Commission

The White House, Port Au Prince, Haiti Happening now... Various politicians are meeting at National Palace to discuss the creation of a verification commission... According to news reports, Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi LAVALAS is in that meeting, so is Eric Jean Baptiste (Pere Eternel), member of the G8... more »

Haiti Elections - OEA Official Says YES to Vote Verification

Haiti Politik - Sa Blan Di? Read this... Ronald Sanders, former head of an Organization of American States (OAS) special mission to Haiti, thinks it necessary to VERIFY the recent Haiti elections... Here comes the commission the verification everyone's been talking about!!! more »

Haiti Elections - Moise Jean Charles HAPPY to hear News Commission de Verification will be Created

Candidat Moise Jean Charles Santi bagay yo bon nan men li Haiti Elections Update -- Pitit Desalin presidential candidate Moise Jean Charles announced how happy he is to hear news that president Jocelerme Privert will put in place a "Commission de Verification Electorale" to verify the elections process... BUT... There is a BUT... more »

Haiti Elections - Repons Peyizan ak Viktwa di Jovenel Moise ap Lanse Kanpay li 24 Mars

Poster Campagne Jovenel Moise President Haiti Elections Update -- Pati politik Repons Peyizan ak Viktwa fè konnen ke Candidat a la Presidence Jovenel Moise ap lanse kanpay officiellement jounen Jeudi 24 Mars 2016 la, yon mwa avan dat 2eme tour election an sipoze fèt... more »

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise tells Miami Herald: We will go out and start our campaign

Jovenel Moise Speaking Haiti Elections Update -- PHTK Candidate for president Jovenel Moise told Miami Herald: "If on the 24th of March, no clear signal has been sent -- and by a clear signal I mean the publishing of an electoral calendar -- we will go out and start our campaign...We will stay in the streets up until we get these clear signals. more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise says: I will Re-Open my Presidential Campaign March 24

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise Campaigning in Cap Haitien, 01 Dec 2015 Haiti Elections Update --- PHTK Candidate for president Jovenel Moise said he will put on his boots on and hit the campaign trail once again starting March 24, one month before the Presidential elections is due to be held according to the accord that president Privert signed... more »

Haiti Transition - Moise Jean Charles ULTIMATUM to President Privert: 4 Days or Else...

Jocelerme Privert - Moise Jean Charles Haiti Transition Update -- Platfom Pitit Desalin Candidate for president Moise Jean Charles just gave an ULTIMATUM to interim President Jocelerme Privert: "You have FOUR (4) days to put together a commission of verification or else..." more »

Haiti Elections - 8 of 9 sectors choose their representative for New Electoral Council (CEP)

Jumpstarting the CEP Haiti Elections Update -- The new electoral council (CEP) is taking shape... eight out of nine sectors have already chosen their representive to represent them at the new CEP. Only the Trade Union sector (le secteur syndical) remains... more »