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Haiti - Candidate for President Jude Celestin changes his Tone of Voice

President Michel Martelly,  Jude Celestin Haiti Eleciton Update -- Jude Celestin, the LAPEH candidate for president, has recently softened his stand on WHO he is willing to go the the 2nd round presidential elections with... Before Jude Celestin made id CLEAR he will NOT go to elections with Jovenel Moise (PHTK), nowadays, Jude doesn't care WHO joins him in the 2nd round... more »

FLASH: Haiti Election Verification Commission Report WILL NOT be Released to the Media

Commission Verification Electorale Haiti Elections Update -- While everyone awaits the release of the Haiti Elections Verification Commission report due Sunday, that report WILL NOT be made public... This reports will be hand delivered to President Jocelerme Privert in a special ceremony Monday... more »

FLASH: Haiti CEP Executive Director Mosler Georges QUITS his Job

Mosler Georges, CEP Directeur Executif Mosler Georges, the executive director of the Haiti provisional electoral council (CEP) quit his job Friday... Mosler Georges sent a written letter to Interim president Jocelerme Privert to alert him of this decision... more »

Haiti SHOULD've had a new Elected President on Saturday May 14th BUT...

Michel Martelly passes the Presidential Sash to Jocelerme Privert When President Michel Martelly left offiice, Jocelerme Privert took over as Interim President with the specific task of organizing elections so that on Saturday May 14th a new ELECTED president would take office... It didn't happen that way... Now what??? more »

Haiti Question : SI Election fet Jodi a, JUDE Celestin vs JOVENEL Moise, Kiyes k'ap PRESIDENT?

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti POLL Question :: Si Election fèt Jodi a, JUDE Celestin vs JOVENEL Moise, Kiyes k'ap PRESIDENT? --- If there presidential electios was held today between Jude Celestin and Jovenel Moise, who do you think would president? more »

Haiti Politics - Jovenel Moise Meets with Jude Celestin's Political Party to Discuss Election Worries

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin PHTK's Candidate for president Jovenel Moise met recently with with Jean Hector Anacacis, leader of Jude Celestin's Political Party LAPEH. The two men spoke about various concerns regarding the 2nd round presidential elections... more »

Haiti Elections Verification - The five members of the Audit Commission are known

Haiti Election Contestation - Kontestasyon Haiti Elections Update -- Here are the names of the five persons appointed to serve on the Independent Commission for evaluation and electoral verification: more »

Haiti - Reynold Georges says: Election Commission is a PLOT to KICK Jovenel Moise Out of the Presidential Race

Candidat Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Steven Benoit, Jean-Henry Ceant Haiti Election Update - Lawyer and political leader Reynold Georges says the elections verification Commission being set up by the Privert government is just a PLOT to kick PHTK presidential candidate Jovenel Moise out of the race... more »

Haiti Elections - Govt to Release List of 5 Names to Make up Elections Verification Commission

Haiti Election 2015, Presidential Ballot, First Round Haiti Elections Update -- President Privert's government is scheduled to release the list of five (5) names that will make up the Elections Verification Commission in the coming days... more »

Haiti Election Commission, A SLAP in the FACE of the International Community, Eric Jn-Baptiste Said

Eric Jn Baptiste - Candidat a la Presidence Following a meeting at the Haiti National Palace Haiti over the creation of the electoral verification commission Tuesday, candidate for president Eric Jn-Baptiste says the creation of this commission is A BIG SLAP in the FACE of the International Community. more »