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Haiti - The new elections will cost 55 million US dollars

Haiti Caricature - Prix Election an, se De Men nan Tet Read this... Haiti needs 55 million US dollars to organize the new elections..The Haitian government already have 30 million available, a spokesperson from the National Palace said, but the International community has turned its back... So where will the rest of the money come from? more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Maryse Narcisse is READY to Confirm Participation

Haiti Elections - President Aristide di Pep la VOTE Maryse Narcisse FLASH: Haiti Elections - LAVALAS presidential candidate Maryse Narcisse announced on Facebook she is READY to confirm her participation in the October elections... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Moise Jean Charles says NO BRIDES Poll in upcoming Presidential Elections

Haiti Elections - BRIDES Poll Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate Moise Jean Charles says NO BRIDES Poll in upcoming Presidential Elections... Moise says he will speak to president Privert and the president of the CEP to prevent BRIDES from creating polls to sabotage the elections... more »

Haiti - Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime wants President Privert to STAY in power until elections are held

Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime - Haiti Senator "President Privert does NOT have a [120 days] mandate," Haitian Senator Jean Baptiste Bien-Aime said, "He [Privert] has a mandate to organize elections... The National Assembly will decide, IF there is a national assembly..." more »

FLASH: Haiti Calendrier Electoral Juin 2016 - Telecharger / New Electoral Calendar Download

Haiti CEP - Calendrier Electoral - Juin 2016 Haiti Election Update -- Mezanmi men Calendrier Electoral la ke Nouvo Conseil Electoral (CEP) a fek mete deyo Jounen 06 Juin 2016 la... Kisa ou panse? more »

Haiti CEP will release new electoral calendar Today, Monday

Leopold Berlanger Swearing in Electoral Council Haiti Elections Update -- Haiti Electoral Council (CEP) announced they will release the new electoral calendar this Monday, 06 June 2016... CEP president Leopold Berlanger himself confirmed that news to the media... more »

Haiti Politics - VOTE ZOMBI is quickly becoming the most popular term in Haitian politics these days

VOTE ZONBI - Nouveau Vocabulaire Politique Haitien Haiti Politics Update -- Ever since the release of the election commission report last week, the term "VOTE ZOMBI" has taken over the Haitian social media network and the Haitian media in general... Journalist and politicians the term benefits have simply adopted the term... more »

AUDIO: Haiti - Jude Celestin wants Jovenel Moise OUT of Presidential Elections

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Without mentioning his name, Jude Celestin definitely made it clear that he wants Jovenel Moise OUT of the 2nd round presidential elections... more »

FLASH: Haiti Presidential Elections, DO IT OVER, Verification Commission says...

Commission Verification Electorale There is so much WRONGDOING in the recent Haiti Presidential elections that the verification commission recommends a DO-OVER... Yes, that's the recommendation... All 54 candidates must go back out on the campaign trail, unless by do-over they mean everyone must re-register as a candidate for president... LOL... I wouldn't be surprised if that's they really mean. more »

Haiti Elections - CEP to release Electoral Calendar Next Week

Electoral Council Elections List Haiti Elections Update -- The new electoral council (CEP) will release electoral calendar next week, this is a promise from interim president Jocelerme Privert himself... more »