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The Haitian media is buzzing about Nicolas Duvalier as the next President of Haiti

Nicolas Duvalier at the funeral of his father, ex Haiti president Jean-Claude Duvalier Could ex-dictator Jean Claude Duvalier's son, Nicolas Duvalier become the next president of Haiti? Suddenly, the media is talking abouNicolas Duvalier following an interview he gave to Voice of America (Lavwadlamerik) in Washington D.C. but what are the possibilities? more »

Former Haitian Presidential Candidate Jude Celestin

Jude Celestin, former director of the CNE and former presidential candidate, was auditioned as part of the investigation of Judge Jean Wilner Morin on the disappearance of Robert Marcello, ex-directeur of the Commission nationale des marchés publics (CNMP). more »

Haiti Elections : Charles Henri Baker confirms he will NOT participate in election do-over

Charles-Henri Baker - Candidat a la Presidence 2015 Haiti Elections Update -- RESPE candidate for president Charles Henri Baker is the first to directly contact the electoral council (CEP) to confirm he will not participate in the presidential election do-over... more »

Haiti Elections - Candidate Level Francois KICKED out Presidential Race due to Crack Cocaine Conviction in USA

Levelt Francois - Candidate for President of Haiti Haiti Elections Update - Citizen Level Francois has been KICKED out as a candidate for president of Haiti for having been convicted of possession and trafficking of crack and cocaine in the United States of America, the Electoral Council (CEP) reported in a Communiqué de Presse Friday... more »

Haiti Elections 2015 - Liste des Candidats a la Presidence

Haiti Elections Caricature - Gade Kandida, gade kandida... Mezanmi men list la... 71 Candidats a La Presidence pou Haiti Elections 2015 la... Tout moun ap di 70, se 71 li ye... Men list la, Non, Sexe, Date de Naissance, ak Parti Politique... more »

FLASH: Haiti - Steven Benoit Candidat a La Presidence!

Breaking News... Haiti Elections - Senator Steven Benoit is an official candidate for President of the Republic... Steven Benoit has just submitted his documents to the CEP as the Presidential Candidate for Political platform CONVICTION... more »