Edwin Zenny

President Jovenel will fall from power if he raises gas prices, ex Senator Edo Zenny said

Damned if you do, damned if you don't... President Jovenel Moise is in a tough situation. President Jovenel Moise will fall from power if he raises gas prices, ex Senator Edo Zenny said. But there are consequences if he doesn't.

Haiti Elections - Platfom Peyizan Announce a Press Conference Monday 10am

Haiti Elections Update -- Platform Peyizan, the banner under which former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is candidate for President, in conjunction with REJECTED candidates Ti Tony Bennett and Edo Zenny, announces a big press conference at Hotel Le Plaza Monday 15 June at 10am...

Haiti G5 Senators to BLOCK Ratification of a new Prime Minister

EXTRA EXTRA Read all about it... The group of five (G5) pro-government Haitian Senators announced Monday they will BLOCK the ratification of a new Prime Minister. Men Zin... LOL... The next Haitian Prime Minister is??? --- Who will replace Laurent Lamothe?

Haiti Politics - Repons Peyizan wants Senators who plan to resign to think twice about that

Fednel Moncheri of the political party Repons Peyizan is asking the group of 5 Senators who plan to submit their resignation in order to render the Senate inoperable (caduc) to think twice about that...

Haiti - Senator Edwin Zenny propose FIVE Senators resign from their post to end the Electoral Crisis

Haitian Politics - What is the best way to beat the group of six Senators in their own Game? Haiti Senator Edwin (Edo) Zenny has an idea... He proposes that FIVE Senators resign from their post, something that would render the senate of the republic NULL and VOID (caduque) and that would end the Electoral crisis in the senate so that elections can be held by the end of the year...