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FLASH: Haiti Elections - ZOKIKI Jean Renel Senatus endorses Alix Didier Fils-Aime over Don Kato for Senator

Haiti Elections - ZOKIKI Jean Renel Senatus, Alix Didier Fils-Aime Haiti Elections Update -- Elected Senator in the first round, Jean Renel Senatus, alias ZOKIKI, endorses Candidate Alix Didier Fils-Aime over singer Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy for Senator, west Department... more »

Haiti Elections - LOBEY Pete ant Don Kato ak Alix Didier Fils-Aime Sou antenne Radio SCOOP FM

Don Kato, Alix Didier Fils-Aime Haiti Elections Update -- Gwo diskision BATAY pete ant 2 kandida Senatè Platform VERITE yo, Antonio Cheramy, alias Don Kato, ak Alix Didier Fils-Aime... Anpil pawol pale en direk sou antenne radio SCOOP FM jounen Lundi 28 Septembre 2015 la... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - ZOKIKI Jean Renel Senatus Elected Senator in the First Round, BCEN Decision...

Jean Renel Senatus, ZOKIKI Haiti Elections Update --- 10:09pm Saturday, 05 Sept., Candidate Jean Renel 'ZOKIKI' Senatus post on his Facebook page: "Good afternoon, everybody the Electoral court (BCEN) decision is OUT... Met Jn Renel Senatus is elected Senator in the first round..." more »

Haiti Elections - Manifestation Thursday, Plaftorm VERITE wants Jacky Lumarque back on list of Candidates for President

Jacky Lumarque, Candidat a la Presidence 2015 Haiti Elections Update -- Political Platform VERITE announced a big Manifestation Thursday, 09 July 2015, demanding that the CEP readd their Presidential Candidate Jacky Lumarque back on the list of Candidates for President... more »

Haiti Elections - Actress Nice Simon Candidate for Mayor of Tabarre

Haiti Election Update -- Nice Simon, Anne from the movie "I Love you Anne" is a candidate for Mayor of Tabarre... Nice Simon is a candidate under the banner of Jean Henri Ceant's political party Renmen Ayiti in a Cartel by Tabarre Pasteur Sans Rancune more »

Haiti Elections - DON KATO pran Kane... Fact or RUMOR?

Don Kato Candidat au Senat - Parti VERITE Haiti elections update - There is a rumor going around that artist 'Don Kato pran kanè,' that the candidacy of Antonio 'Don Kato' Cheramy for Senator has been rejected by the CEP... This is NOT True according to Jean Monard Metellus on Radio Caraibes FM... more »

FLASH... Haiti - Don Kato Candidat pou Senate Depatman Lwes

Don Kato Candidat au Senat - Parti VERITE Breaking News... Haiti Elections Update - Haitian Rap Kreyol singer Antonio CHERAMY, alias Don Kato, is a candidate for Senator for the Departement de l'Ouest in the upcoming Elections under the banner of political party VERITE... more »